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Greeeat. - 99%

Drain, February 10th, 2004

This is a quality post-black/avant-grade metal album. Upon first listen, this CD may sound a little weird for those not familiar with the style. But once you get into it, it is extremely rewarding. This album is completely overwhelming in its dark yet beautiful atmosphere. The solos are excellent, the drumming is performed very well, and of course: Garm's vocals. His operatic and clean vocals in this album is exceptional as you would expect. Vortex's vocals are also done well, although not up to par with Garm's. I could go on and lets get into the songs.

Pretty much every track on this album is great. Each of them have a unique sound to it to keep you interested throughout the whole album. 'Master of Disguise' shows how Garm is really capable of performing operatic vocals, and also provides as a nice introduction to the whole album. 'Ad Astra' is probably my favorite track off of this album. Its beautiful, dark, melodic, and everything you want from an atmospheric album. 'The Chaos Path' has Vortex doing the vocals too, and is another excellent song that sounds slightly weird at first listen. Another favorite of mine is 'Of Nails and Sinners'.

If you like post-black, avant-garde, or any of Garm's work, get this now. I found it at my local Tower Records, so it should not be so hard to find.