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Another Classic - 98%

Cuirassier, February 25th, 2005

This CD is a beauty. Black metal with a doom feel and done well. Doom metal rarely impresses me but this is beautiful. I have the elongated version (thank goodness, the original is only about 20 minutes) and I listen to it from start to finish over and over again.

It starts with Rodt Og Svart, a beautiful song with a LOT of symphonics. Guitars are in there somewhere, you can hear them from time to time, but it doesn't matter, the symphony makes up for the missing guitars and bass. The drums work VERY well with the symphony, never getting too loud, but not so soft they they blend in. The vocals are pretty harsh at the beginning, but then this haunting clean vocal thing comes in and it brings you to some other planet with the symphonics and drumming all mixing together in such beauty.

Then comes Icebound Streams And Vapours Grey, an earlier version of their more well known song Wintry Grey. This song brings you right back to Norway and into a frozen landscape, the symphony is still here, but the guitars are audible (though kind of doing weird things in the background rather than any major part). It is mostly a symphony/drums/vocals song again. It has some nice frusterated style screams here and there.

Naar Kulda Tar brings to mind a scene of vikings setting out to sea and saying farewell, filled with clean vocals and a little more intense drumming. The symphont still plays a major part, but the guitars are playing a bigger part now, Hellhammer now has some double bass going picking up the pace from the more ethereal songs from before.

Du Nordavind brings us back to the beginning, another planet with interesting keyboards, symphony, harsh vocals, the most technical drum part of the album, and guitars aplenty. This would be where the original album ended which would be a nice little loop of song themes, but not for me, it goes on.

My Angel is in my other review, it is a beautiful droning song that goes on and on about his lost love, it is so haunting and hypnotizing, very beautiful.

Morax is an even earlier verion of Wintry Grey, and in this case, sounds like a continuation of My Angel, I like how the guitar riffs are similar and it sounds like the song goes on.

Morax Anno 1996 is just a later version of Morax but there is enough differences so it being worth listening to.

The outro is just some ambient stuff, kind of creepy, a nice ending to a haunting album, this is a MUST for fans of any of these genres: ambient, drone, black metal

This gets a 98 because of the missing guitars and bass on the beginning, but even without them, this is still an amazing release.