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scovrge, March 18th, 2005

My review concerns the ARCKANUM material only. This was self-described as "the most aggressive" songs of ARCKANUM, but i feel as if that applies more to his earlier works. These songs possess a definite melodic-ness, a draw from the 80's thrash metal style, and elements of hardcore punk - believe it or not. The vocals are more upfront, no reverb/delay. This is where i feel the punk sound seeps through. I enjoy the energy of this release, but it feels severed from the ARCKANUM past in some ways, and connected in others. I understand the need for a band to develop, but i think that a band should also hold on to what has made it special. In my opinion, some of that unique element is lost - although, not entirely. The song writing is catchy, which normally might not work for extreme/black metal, but ARCKANUM succeeds. The drumming is constant, the guitars are at the fore, and it crashes over you as a wave of sound. If you haven't heard ARCKANUM before, here is your chance (especially since his works seem to sell-out fast). Don't sleep on the opportunity - purchase this/support Carnal Records!