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Svartsyn / Arckanum - 95%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

For the love of all that's unholy! After listening to this record I'm now afraid of the dark, the light, life, death - Pretty much everything. This CD contains two of the darkest, most obscure and haunting black metal tracks ever - Arckanum's Spitælsker and Svartsyn's Blåkullaförbannelsen. Spitælsker makes you piss yourself with fear. Cold as hell riffs, grim vocals, hateful lyrics and some of the most brilliantly used samples ever. Listen to this alone in the dark and you won't even dare to turn on the light, I guarantee it! And as I said Svartsyn's Blåkullaförbannelsen is also terrifying. Again cold riffs, chilly and grim vocals, amazing samples/sounds and extremely hateful and evil lyrics cursing everything between heaven and earth.

From the rest of Arckanum's songs I suspect you know what to expect - Grim, anti-cosmic black metal. You should never cease to be amazed by Shamaatae of Arckanum. He continues down the path of amazing, obscure black metal. And as fellowship to Spitælsker you get another truly haunting sample-part on Frana. On Ætergap I find myself thinking of folk/viking metal, as that's the feeling I get by the chorus there. Arckanum is just truly fucking mind-blowing!

I've been raving on an on about Arckanum, so I suppose it's time for Svartsyn to get a hailing now. You know what, this is actually the best material I've heard with Svartsyn. I find myself in lost of words to describe it. Grinding black metal with amazing vocals and one of the most murderous bass guitars ever. You hear the rumbling of the bass very well, which is just so fucking cool. Don't know what else to say, it's just fucking amazing!

I don't know how Björn and his Carnal Records did it, but he managed to bring two of the most evil and vicious recordings ever on the same CD. My cup is raised in salute!

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