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Antikosmic teaser - 85%

weakling_goat, May 18th, 2009

Here we have Arckanum's little preview EP for the full-length of the same name. Since there are only 2 songs here and one of those `is a thrash song, they'll be reviewed separately.

Side A is Røkulfargnýr, a well-written fast-paced song. It clocks in at just over 5 minutes long. After about a minute of the pulsing intro riff, the drums perform several entertaining fills and then the song is under way. The chorus (which is almost headbang-able in Amon Amarth fashion) features what sounds like wolves howling faintly in the background, sounding surprisingly serious and not cheesy at all. Arckanum have always put out fast blasty songs and this isn't an exception. In the end, it comes dangerously close to being too similar to songs from previous releases. That said, most Arckanum fans do indeed want to hear something familiar, but personally I think the closing track from the Antikosmos full-length, Formála, would have made a better single. Røkulfargnýr is fun. A good effort by Shamaatae.

Up next is a cover of Current of Death by Holy Moses(!). It's faithful to the original, even including the auua-auuah in the chorus. The song is played well and sounds like Arckanum covering a Holy Moses song, not Arckanum trying to be Holy Moses. At first I was surprised by the cover choice, but I've deduced that it probably had something to do with anti-cosmic worship (Current 218, according to the Temple of Black Light) and the fact that the song is called Current of Death. It features a nice ripping solo performed by Set Teitan of Dissection and as a whole sounds great.

All in all this is pretty standard Arckanum. My one gripe is the length of this EP; it's only about 7 minutes long. And while Shamaatae is busy covering songs about chaos, he could have put a Realm of Chaos cover on the B side with Moses. Hey, I can dream can't I? All personal opinions on song choices set aside, it's what you've come to expect from this band: greatness. This is Arckanum through and through. Familiar drums, riffing, and guitar tone. If you're a fan, get it and spin that little goblin's record with pride. If not, don't expect it to blow you away.