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It's quite okay - 65%

BloodIronBeer, October 3rd, 2012

I've heard some high praise for this band, so I investigated. Defined as "extreme technical death metal", it's pretty extreme, but the technical part I'm not seeing. This band exploits the same noodling that Beneath the Masscre and Origin use. It sounds like they're always using the same little sweeps to do their noodling. Gets really old, really fast.

That said, there are some very cool turn arounds, and sporadic switches in the songs that are pretty nice, and the album contains mostly good riffs. Solid drumming, some pivot roll blast beats, over abundance of sweeps, and occasionally ridiculously fast vocals.

It definitely borrows from Beneath the Massacre, and Origin, I see those as the two biggest influences.

If this was to be defined as "technical" I would have to ask, where are the odd time signatures? Where are the harmonies? The music is not cohesive enough to match bands like Obscura, or Necrophagist. To switch tempo randomly isn't really a good thing - I don't think I should have to point that out. It can be done to transition into a new part or to mark something in the song - just doing it to do it, is bad song writing.

Although it is very "brutal" and relentless, which is to it's merit - it's not cohesively technical, and too much using the same damn sweeps/runs with little effect (diminished, mostly in thirds - I promise, I can tell you exactly what it is - and it's in literally every song).

Conclusion: there are good riffs here and some good ideas, but there's a real lack of creativity, and really, really needs to lay off using the same sweep patterns.