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You mean this isn’t a Pantera album?! - 62%

erickg13, February 5th, 2007

With the rise of Pantera, it comes as no surprise that many bands were influenced by their style. However with the case of Archie Bunker, they seem to not only want to sound like Pantera, they want to BE Pantera. From the barking vocals to the simplistic groove rhythm along with riffs that sound like they were made while listening to “Vulgar Display of Power”, this reeks of Pantera.

Don’t take the first paragraph as a total bashing of this album, a band could probably make a great album trying to sound like Pantera, as unlikely that would be. It’s the fact that these guys lack anything original. Sure they inject a bit of a doom metal quality into the sound, but it isn’t enough to save this album.

The vocals, provided by Ben Smith, are best described as a militaristic bark, something close to Phil Anselmo. The guitars, provided by Kevin Bradford, are exactly what you might think Dimebag Darrell would have come up with, then realizing that they sucked he would have thrown them away. The bass, provided by Miguel Saldana, isn’t exactly a bright spot per se but it is the rhythmic backbone of the music. The drums, provided by Henry Vasquez, are maybe the biggest enigma of the album, sometimes they sound perfect, at least for what they were aiming for, but at other times it seems weak and much to reliant on the cymbals.

So, are there any bright spots on this album? Yes, despite being few and far between. For a band that probably recorded this album at some local studio with a no name producer, the production is really good. Well, what about standout songs? Truth be told, there aren’t any. However, there is no absolute stinker, it’s a fairly consistent album.

Overall, Archie Bunker’s “Lucky 13” is a mildly below average album. But Pantera fans may enjoy this quite a bit, as it is not a total bummer. So if you are that into Pantera, pick this up, you just might enjoy this. However if you don’t like Pantera you should avoid this album.