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An excellent piece of strong Finnish black metal - 95%

tzaeru, June 28th, 2007

Apparently, from reading other reviews, opinions on Archgoat tend to come in rather largish scale. For me this came as a small surprise, so well had the album worked for me as a whole.

To the music. If each instrument is separated from the context, the outcome is very generic and primitive black metal with low tempo from the earlier ages. But combined, the music evolves into something much more effective, creating a working atmosphere of primitive, crushing black metal. Drums do excellent work leading the tracks onwards with the guitar, while vocals announce the current point with unbelievable force! Somehow, at least for me, bass tends to be left to the background, sort of pulling the combination together to the socket that it creates. "The whole equals much more than the sum of its parts", is what probably best describes Archgoat. Also, while maintaining same style, tracks do come in diversity. Opening track 'Angel of Sodomy' is strong guitar-weighted sawing, where 'Black Crusade' is low tempo march, both highlights of the album!

Archgoat also did mixing fully by themselves, to create the rather unique atmosphere and working album. And most surely this was the only right choice - no other way could the album be such a strong sum of each contributing factor. To put short of it: Primitive black metal done to be listened as a whole, in which every instrument contributes to create the unholy march that is Whore of Bethlehem!