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1000 % Perfect - 100%

hellhippie, July 23rd, 2008

When a band that i love gets back together my first instinct is usually "crap this is going to suck" ! No different here , I put off getting this for along time so i could still in my mind say Archgoat ruled , they should have put out more albums than that amazing split with Beherit . Then i thought heres comes the usual sellout album for the masses ; they need money . Once again on my endless search for new brutal albums with nothing coming my way fast , in my mind I "broke down and purchased this" . For two weeks this sat with my record collection as i waited for the right time to be disappointed by a band that back in the day i loved so so much . I have never been so wrong in my life .

This my friends is what any fan of total evil blackened death metal has been looking for . This is a complete masterpiece for worshipers of all that is heavy ! Archgoat forces every demonic note down your fucking throat with nothing but absolute hatred that this old school black and death metal fan hasn't heard in what seems like forever . Perfection is an understatement seriously . I cannot stop listening to this with good reason ; and this is why .

Let's start with the drums on here as they need to be mentioned . Your normal grinding beats on most albums usually go straight through with the occasional accents done with a quick little fill here and there to keep things interesting which is fine in most cases . Here the drummer uses the ride symbol constantly keeping time with an off beat as you would with a snare . It has to be heard to be believed , this guy is a machine never ever letting up for one second . Truly unique drumming in a genre that has had every little thing possible done to it from bands trying to separate themselves from the pack .

The guitar and bass sound is so god damn heavy its almost fake sounding . Every riff , every note , every solo is so meticulously played that you'd think the devil himself gave these guys the sheet music and lessons . Unbelievably structured riffs that this band knows exactly how to execute in a most primative demonic fashion . Never ones to be technical Archgoat knows exactly how to mix their crushing speed with the most bouncy yet totally simple and effective "pits" that you will just have to show some sort of emotion to when listening . Its almost insane how much purity for the genre these guys have . Totally evil and i love it so so much . The songs never get boring or redundant and with each this gets better and better as you say to yourself that was so sick that had to be the best song on the album . Every one is perfectly delivered ; it's sickening (in a good way) how perfect they all are . There is a stand out song here . My favorite being "Dawn of the Black Light" but that doesn't mean anything really because they all are truly amazing .

Then the vocals come into play as Lord Angelslayer vomits forth as only he can do . Completely guttural , disgusted in his deliverance this is a perfection of evil incarnate graciously given to you and me by what can be described as non other than what satan himself would sound like if he recorded an album . Hands down what a no bullshit black metal band with severe death metal influences would kill for . No other singing style would fit here and this band knows it . Deep deep deeper is a severe understatement , in a great way unreal .

If you are a fan of absolute unrelenting , satanic , grinding in your face sick death as i am then this should be your next purchase . This is the soundtrack to the underground and all that most bands would hope to be . When these guys finished recording this an angel wept a little and i'm sure that is exactly what they were going for here and i love it . All i can say is thank you Archgoat for the perfection that is "Whore of bethlehem" thank you !!!!