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Enough from the beginning. - 9%

cinedracusio, March 20th, 2007

So the legend of black metal goes forth, where the mindless Christians may never reach, where their prayers are useless, they are surrounded by the imperial fiends and drawn closer and closer to the blackness while watching Oprah Winfrey shows...

But now, let us return to our heroes from Finland and their fiddly-diddly goat douche, which resulted into a blast of old/new black metal destined to fill the brains of suckaz, along with the pockets and positive underground reviews box of the champions. The main thing that anybody should keep in mind is that Archgoat is mostly about blasting and second about growling. The guitars are nothing to be hailed, except the subtle fuzz given probably by the bass. The rest of it is Beherit. Beherit would have made something like this if they had reformed, and they did in the past.
The drums have a hammering sound, they "benefit" from a good presentation, consequently the listener like me gets tired from three minutes of these drums. It's not Transylvanian Hunger (the simplest and most effective comparison regarding bash-bash thump-thump albums). Regarding the variety of blasts, hope ya folks heard of Havohej or Lugubrum. I recommend that instead, more varied. And by the way, do not use a death metal sound for something not intended to be death metal, especially drumming or genre (Archgoat's case). Archgoat did nothing but highlight the general boredom floating all over this album.
The riffs are pure Beherit stuff. End of chapter. And I'm not a huge Beherit fan. The tone is thin and inoffensive (like, the opposite of the great Al Ghemist from Lugubrum).
The vocals: LAAAME, RROOOAAARRR !!! The vocalist makes use of a more death metallish growl and knows no change. Beherit surpassed these assholes in the vocal domain, so better grab Drawing Down The Moon unless you're so clever to praise this shit when actually having heard Beherit first.
As a whole, this album consists of a single track repeated in eight variants. The introduction is null to me, just a silly method to hook the asses of those not fed up with devilish intros.

Well done, champions. You're dusting the shit. Better break up again and start sweeping or passing dope.