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WilliamAcerfeltd, June 9th, 2007

Look at the title, that's basically what I thought was the mentality of these guys when they wrote this album. This doesn't sound like straight black metal to me, rather it sounds like black metal meets death metal. I always wonder why some black metal bands have death metal vocals and other some death metal bands have black metal vocals. While this is not as bad as some say it is, it definitely isn't as good as some say it is.

The music is distorted guitars, which are repetitive to say the least. It will be keep you interested for a while, but it really doesn't take you all that long to get bored with it. The reason you'll probably get bored with it is because all of the songs sound pretty similar. The speed in most songs varies, from being mid-paced to slow. Get what I mean when I say it sounds a bit like death metal? While there certainly are black metal elements here, such as the distorted guitar, you cannot ignore the death metal influences.

The drumming again, is more in the vein of death metal. Forget blastbeats, it's more of the drumming you'll hear in such bands such as Blood Red Throne, the drumming however isn't technical and there isn't really much variety in it.

The vocals are death metal vocals. You'd have to know nothing about the black metal scene to think he's doing black metal vocals here. I'm not really sure why he is doing death metal vocals on this album because from my experience, anyone who can do death metal vocals can let some pretty high pitched shrieks out. Anyway, his death grunt is pretty deep, so deep in fact he rivals that of Markus, from Dark Deception. However, unlike Markus, it seems he has used some sort of sound effect to make his vocals even deeper. Also Markus has a better death grunt than this guy. The guy handling vocals on here sees more generic.

I could easily see why people could like this, and why people can hate this. Some people compare this band to Beherit, in which case Archgoat rips the shit out of anything Beherit ever did. After all, if your best is Drawing down the Moon, then you know you career represents a failure in the black metal scene. However, I certainly wouldn't pay money for this seeing as how it isn't mind blowing or anything. The fact that this album is 35 minutes is both a good thing and a bad thing. You think you're being ripped off forking out cash for 35 minutes of pretty average death/black metal, but by the same token, had it gone on for 70 minutes, it would certainly be one boring listen. If you get this for free give it a listen, otherwise I wouldn't really bother with it.

Conclusion: The above is recommended for download only.