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Fuck OFF!! We are ARCHGOAT!! - 90%

Diarrhea_Face, August 28th, 2007

I have been familiar with this band for around eight years now and never thought they would have reformed. I do not read any "underground" zines so I had no clue this had been released until a friend mentioned it to me. Well I listened to the album a few times now and have become really impressed by what they have done. It may not have the extreme chaos of their earlier material, but it definitely is by no means a bad album. They incorporate some of the heaviest riffing I've heard in years and they execute everything with extreme conviction. There are many of these "war" metal bands who have ripped off Archgoat and Beherit since thier arrival in the early 90's and to me none of them have captured what this primitive and Satanic style is all about. These people aren't part of the black metal scene in the first place, most of the bands filter in from grind projects and other similarly punk based garbage. Archgoat are from the original scene. If you read any reviews on here bashing them just take a quick look, these are children, not long ago listening to (and likely still) all the commercial shit being forcefed by the surrounding media whores. They have no understanding of what black metal is.

This band plays an abbrasive, down tuned form of black metal. The vocalist sounding like his insides are being torn out with each breath. It reminds me of a beast defending it's kill against a pack of rabid parasites. As I alluded to earlier, this is primitive, so the song structures are rather basic, most containing only around 4-5 power chord riffs that alternate and focus on different elements. Some songs focus on climax, while other will simply feed you into some abusive chainsaw combat. In general the music focuses on song writing and not being flashy. The drummer is actually very good for this style. He uses a wide variety of beats and fills, but he doesn't overdo anything which would detract from the music. He keeps things heavy and let's the guitars and vocals do their job. The mix is also a big improvement from the older work especially concerning the drums. On the older albums the drums were buried in the mix and much less prevalent than what has been done here. I like that they chose to go with a clearer sound as it shows that the music doesn't rely on shitty production to obtain it's atmosphere.

Archgoat's Whore of Bethlehem, released in 2006 has the raw hate and aggression that most bands have completely forgotten. They are proficient musicians who paint this bestial vision with unwavering clarity. It's a very dark world, one of torture, genocide, rape, of the primal essence and animalistic desires that are still contained within our genetic framework. In modern day one can still see this, just take a stroll to your local prison or walk down the streets at night in a run down city. Those who are falling into the trap of becoming dehumanized and anesthetized to the crumbling civilization around them will laugh at this because they have absolutely no comprehension of what this music represents. They see this as purely entertainment, the "internet" generation. Nearly gone are the days of real artists dedicating themselves to conveying this filth. Archgoat stand with a shotgun pointed towards the globalized consumerist blood letting of this music and they do it with pride!