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Archgoat's comeback. Promising! - 79%

Anaktas, February 10th, 2008

Archgoat re-united, and released "Whore of Bethelehem", which in fact is a very promising album, despite some black metal cliches that sometimes pop up during some tracks.

A notable fact regarding Archgoat, is that their old-school black metal sound is combined with growling death metal vocals, instead of the usual shrieks. The production is bad (the way it should be!), the guitar sound is over-distorted, that is (the way it should be!) and the drums sound as if Sinister Karppinen has put pillows over the drumkit's skins (the way it should be!). There are some mid-tempo breaks, but blastbeats and fast drumming prevail.

The lyrics are childish, the music is very raw, but what else can you expect? Archgoat play old-school black metal, they do not dream of being accepted in the Berkeley University or in the Philosophy Department. And the thing they do, you bet that they are doing it well. None can expect innovations or something groundbreaking. If you enjoy the aforementioned sound of playing, go ahead and buy "Whore of Bethelehem". Otherwise, stay away.