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Another overrated "kvlt" band - 5%

Algiz88, March 20th, 2007

Archgoat has for some strange reason become one of those cult bands. To me there is no reason for this. To me a cult band has been around for a long, long time and most importantly they have recorded important and interesting music. Archgoat plays primitive black metal with some stains of death metal that is not insteresting nor is it at all important for the scene. Primitive riffs that are poorly written without any sense for what is needed to make good black metal. This is just raw for the sake of being raw. Most of all this album sounds dishonest. It sounds like the members decided to do an album just because people seemed interested again., a sad case of cashgrab is what this is. Those who like the death metal-styled Darkthrone might find this a bit interesting as it sounds a bit like that but nearly as good. Where Darkthrone had a clear goal for each riff Archgoat just plows on to the point where it gets so boring that I stop hearing the music even though I am lsitening to the album. The parts where the tempo is lowered really shows that these guys have no sense for melodies nor groove. The vocals are nothing but a pathetic attempt of creating brutal black metal styled deathgrunts but it has now brutality of any kind!

Finale: As I said above this album might interest those into the deathmetal-styled Darkthrone. Just don´t expect the same high quality songwriting from Archgoat. Regular black metal fans will find little, if any, interesting within this album. This is the perfect example of a band that would been better of left sleeping because this
"comeback" is just embarassing! This album is with ease on my top five worst albums ever and I will forever regret the day that i decided to buy this album. I´ve been trying to trade it but there is no one who wants it!

The "high" score for this album is based on the fact that I really like the coverart