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Archgoat - Penis Perversor - 20%

mentalselfmutilation, May 14th, 2008

I'll start this review saying I love Archgoat's material. The early demo and EP are right up there in some early 90's favorites, however the followup live demo released in 1993 is not on the same par.

This live demo truly could've had so much potential. Those who are fans of Archgoat know that much of their best early 90s tracks are featured on this demo, however the production itself is an abomination that takes away just about everything this recording could have had. The quality of sound bubbles endlessly without clarity and truly all this demo has to offer is noise pollution which could otherwise have managed to have been avoided had the person who recorded this knew what they're doing.

Once you get past the abomination of the recording you can see that their set is really some pretty solid brutal black/death metal for the time comparable to the likes of bands like Von and Beherit at the same time period, and you could also see that this could have been worthwhile as a live EP or something by the band had they actually tried. If you can make out the riffs you can hear some really brutal chaotic riffing ready to assault you head on. Some of the best material of the Archgoat discography as far as the songwriting goes, however all is lost with this recording. If you can hear or make out anything at all other than the low growls of the vocalist then your ears are truly gifted.

While I'd recommend most of Archgoats material, i'd suggest to stay as far away as possible to this one. Not only is the demo essentially worthless but your ears will thank you for not subjecting them to a 20 minute tape of noise pollution. Check out the rest of Archgoat's discography but carefully avoid this one like the plague.