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well played...when every track is the same - 40%

shagnarokvonlustmord, December 13th, 2008

Chris and Mike Amott are some of the best guitarists in any band respectively. I appreciate fine musicianship and talent when it is applied to good guitar metal. I however cannot decipher 'Wages of Sin' and call it refreshing or give any song its own identity, for this reason I have to say that the Swedish sound is getting rather watered down. 'Wages of Sin', although a rapidly well played effort, is no different than anything else guitar orientated coming from this gothenburg/melodic sound. The riffing an be best described as choppy, finely pitched and repetitive.

The only decent track I found of this album was 'Burning Angel'. Angela's vocals cannot be any more ferocious and come through very manly. I used to have to convince my non metal listening friends that it was a woman, no doubt she has a well endowed throat (no pun intended) and she is a better singer than Johan ever was but like the guitars,her voice is the same all the way through. Daniel is a pretty damn good drummer and Sharley, well Sharley has done his time in the metal world with the likes of fellow countrymen 'Witchery' and 'Sinergy', both great bands. To put it simply this is pretty much an all-star ensemble a la 'Oceans 11, 12 and 13' but when it comes down to it, its just too much.

I got rather bored with this listen and then the next and finally gave up on 'Wages of Sin'. I can name you dozens and dozens of bands who sound the same, play it the same everything the same. I just hope that as the melodic sound progresses it finds new territory to invade and conquer for its fine music but just not very deep.