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Yowsa! - 90%

demonomania, March 7th, 2005

After reading the back and forth about this disc on this website, I decided to check it out. I was a little nervous about the idea of melodic death metal, as I own things like In Flames "Colony" at Gates of Ishtar, and they are not in the constant rotation list. Somehow, without a focus on evil and heavy death metal just doesn't seem to be death metal. And why (just to get this out of the way) is Opeth considered melodic death? Bash em all you want, but the majority of Opeth's riffs are pretty heavy, with melodic parts thrown in which don't have to do with the heavy parts too much at all. Or maybe that is just me. Ok, enough, the review itself.

This CD is awesome. The sheer speed, rad vocals, vicious main riffs, and amazing drum work allow me to look past the very very 80's guitar solos. Arch Enemy have managed to make metal that is perfect for bringing the uninitiated, those who think they "might" like metal, into the fold. The music is heavy without being indecipherable and indistinguishable, and there are no accursed clean vocals. In fact, Angela lays it the hell down, and if you don't find yourself hissing "carnivorous jesssusssss" you need to throw back in your favorite Motley Crue piece of dung.

That being said, there is some 80's here - the solos being the main offender. Then again, they are so over the top that one cannot help but air-guitar to them. The only moment that is so 80's that I must skip it is the instrumental "Snowbound" - blech, disgusting.

But there is precious few negative moments to talk about. Almost every song is good, and most are great. Fine examples being "Burning Angel," "Lament of A Mortal Soul," "Savage Messiah," "Behind the Smiles," "Dead Bury Their Dead," damn, just about every song on this disc is fucking cool.

Then there are the two true masterpieces in my mind - good not only for established metalheads but for those you are trying to trick into spending all of their meager income on Satanic nonsense. "Ravenous" is just tremendous - fast as hell, a little melodic breakdown, great transition between the bridge and chorus, vocals that just beg a hiss-along - wonderous. My second favorite on here is "First Deadly Sin," if just for Angela rasping - "Love turns to hate hate hate hate....Fire turns to IIIICCCEEEEEEE!" Way to go metal.

So despite the talk of Gaythenburg, this is one album worth owning. Plus it comes with a second disc that gives you a little insight into the history of the band - and the old vocalist doesn't sound that good to me. A pretty necessary chunk of melo-death, better than anything else I've heard in the genre.