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Solid Release. - 87%

Hytopsis, June 25th, 2008

Arch Enemy is a pretty good death band. They have had two good albums so far. That is "Wages of Sin", and "Doomsday Machine". Both albums inquire fast guitar work, insane and impressive drum beats, and death growls from Angela Gossow. Which is my opinion is a descent vocalist. This album has more impressive and challenging songs than Doomsday but both albums are good solid CDs.

Christopher Amott and Michael Amott have always shown use their insane guitar work and impressive solos. In every song they have they solo and I must say each one is different and challenging. Both of these musicians can’t get much better. In the song "Burning Angel" they have a very intense and catchy guitar rift that I must say caused me to like the band more than I already did. This band is very impressive all around and these brothers cannot get much better, but it’s for the better.

Daniel Erlandsson has influenced me so much as a drummer he is the main reason why I love this band. His drum work is very intense and fast paced which is what a drummer needs to do. He can play drum solos very well like in many songs on this album. He has also been in many other bands I enjoy like "Carcass". In my opinion he does a better job in this band and I believe he is the best drummer for Melodic Death/Gothenburg of all time.

Angela Gossow is a very impressive vocalist. I really don’t understand how that deep death growl comes out of someone like her. It really catch’s your attention when you hear that a female sounds like she does. I hope she continues with her impressive deep emotional growls and continues to make the band unique and interesting.

The one thing I would have to fix with this band is the fact that some songs sound the same and others sound completely unlike them at all. For those songs that are impressive and talented keep working out those kinks I know this band very well and love what they have produced so far.