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Finally something good - 85%

HawkMoon, September 10th, 2002

First of all, this is about the regular single-cd version.

For some reason I've kept my distance to Arch Enemy before they released this one, I dunno if the reason had something to do with the fact that the singer sucked ass or that the music was such an obvious copy of In Flames' style. However, that's not important right now. The thing is they've gotten themselves a new vocalist so I thought I'd check the new material out. So what is the verdict? Well musically they've grown alot actually, sure they sound abit like In Flames (and other such bands, like Dark Tranquillity) in the bottom - but this album is really nice anyway cause they use lots of stuff other bands in this genre never done before.. for example slower intros and riffs ala Black Sabbath, how about that one?

Second, the new vocalist really has some growling talent! I was kind of shocked by the fact that it is a she! A female growler by the name of Angela. And she growls just as good as any male in this genre! So almost only good stuff on here. With that said I know I have to pinpoint some flaws (although no important ones), so here's the deal. I don't like those slower intros actually, it doesn't really fit this genre very good (I want double kicks goddamnit!!) and another thing is the lyrics which isn't always very lifting. For example "Savage messiah" (which is a good song) - "Savage messiah, take us higher" etc. I dunno about you but that's power metal lyrics to me. Yucky.

But like I said there's only very small flaws here, the rest is as elite you want it to be - superb fast/melodic riffs, great leads, tight drumming with lots of double kicks.. you name it. Overall a great album which I think every metal fan should go out and buy. I am for sure gonna support this band in the future (if their next albums are gonna be this good that is).