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Same Arch Enemy... With a twist - 91%

andreipianoman, August 12th, 2017

Arch Enemy recently released their new single "The World Is Yours". Since War Eternal there was a lot of touring and activity in the band and just when I was thinking that it's time for some new music, news of the album "Will to Power" and this single came along.

The new song has got a lot of power and impacts the listener from the first audition. The main riff is really heavy and the drums are seriously fast. And the chorus is very catchy and will certainly stay in your head. After the two verses and the chorus there's a really good breakdown too. That's serious headbanging material. The solos are also quite good. The first one strikes you out of nowhere and goes really fast while the second one is more melodic and comes just before the end of the song.

In terms of songwriting then, it's quite typical for Arch Enemy. But there's a twist. This song creates a very optimistic mood. And the lyrics are quite motivational too. It would seem that Arch Enemy are experimenting a different direction for their music. The whispered part is also a new thing. With piano on the background, it really doesn't sound like what this band would normally do. They've always been full of rage and inspired rebellion and anarchy. So this idea doesn't fit the pattern at all. Alissa's growls bring a lot of power and charisma to the whole thing but in the context, they also seem positive and motivational.

I like how the same Arch Enemy style of music brings a different perspective and a whole new idea. This single got me really hyped about the new album and I'm more than curious to see what they've got in store for "Will to Power"