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Same Arch Enemy... With a twist - 91%

andreipianoman, August 12th, 2017

Arch Enemy recently released their new single "The World Is Yours". Since War Eternal there was a lot of touring and activity in the band and just when I was thinking that it's time for some new music, news of the album "Will to Power" and this single came along.

The new song has got a lot of power and impacts the listener from the first audition. The main riff is really heavy and the drums are seriously fast. And the chorus is very catchy and will certainly stay in your head. After the two verses and the chorus there's a really good breakdown too. That's serious headbanging material. The solos are also quite good. The first one strikes you out of nowhere and goes really fast while the second one is more melodic and comes just before the end of the song.

In terms of songwriting then, it's quite typical for Arch Enemy. But there's a twist. This song creates a very optimistic mood. And the lyrics are quite motivational too. It would seem that Arch Enemy are experimenting a different direction for their music. The whispered part is also a new thing. With piano on the background, it really doesn't sound like what this band would normally do. They've always been full of rage and inspired rebellion and anarchy. So this idea doesn't fit the pattern at all. Alissa's growls bring a lot of power and charisma to the whole thing but in the context, they also seem positive and motivational.

I like how the same Arch Enemy style of music brings a different perspective and a whole new idea. This single got me really hyped about the new album and I'm more than curious to see what they've got in store for "Will to Power"

A different approach ! - 90%

Livingwave17, August 10th, 2017

Oops! What's happening here? Did Arch Enemy get drunk and then decided to write a song? It feels like they did their usual type of song and then sprinkled some whipped cream on top. This song sounds like what you would expect from Arch Enemy, except for the fact that it is unexpectedly bright. What the hell were they thinking? This is definitely something to raise controversy among the fans.

Arch Enemy has always been revolutionary and vengeful. Their music spoke of anarchy and rebellion against society. While listening to it, you could see an angry mob, tearing through the streets of a city, burning and plundering whatever they could. The new song doesn't stick to the pattern that well. The lyrics still refer to the old ideas. It says that justice will be done, and seems to speak about a personal evasion from a society pattern. But the whole thing focuses on the outcome of a rebellion, the freedom that one individual would receive, rather than the actual plunder. You could say that it is the same idea, but it skips some of the rage and anger. Especially in the chorus the whole thing sounds surprisingly optimistic. The main guitar theme in the chorus speaks loudest in this direction.

Arch Enemy have recently changed their lead vocalist. The arrival of Alissa White-Gluz disappointed some fans while pleasantly surprising others. I only know the band for a year so I am not in any of those categories. But I can tell that Alissa will be blamed for many of the changes. Many people say that she ruined the band, while others say that she is a positive influence. I believe that the changes are just the natural course of the band. Michael Amott even says in an interview that he just decided to do whatever the hell he wanted on this album. The songwriting is shifting simply because Michael Amott wanted to do it.

From my point of view, the bigger change in the band is Jeff Loomis. The new guitarist sticks to his style of soloing from his work despite being in a completely different context. His soloing on this song is like a sudden shift in the atmosphere before returning to the previous idea. Besides being very different from the band's style, Jeff Loomis is just too good for Arch Enemy.

The music brings more surprises as well. At the middle of a song there is a heavy bridge that reminds of the old Arch Enemy, and it is weirdly followed by a synth reprise of the chorus idea with the lyrics being whispered.

So here is how I see things. There have been changes in the line-up, and the new members have brought their own superpower, whether it's growls or shredding. But this sudden change of perspective is what they wanted to do. And I respect a band that follows its own intentions, and doesn't aim to please the fans, who want the same recipe. This song is awesome, and you should give it a go. If the whole new album that this single is extracted from will approach this perspective, I believe it will be a blast.

Pretty lame - 30%

BuriedUnborn, August 1st, 2017

I've been following Arch Enemy for some years already, and to be honest, their music is mediocre, and it has been decreasing in quality over the years, eventually becoming pretty generic and boring, and this song is a good example of that.

So, the song is titled "The World is Yours" (it sounds like a self-help message), and the lyrics seems to be a critic to the capitalism (I guess?), they talk about an "empire", which you can destroy to get the world, very lame lyrics to be honest.

The guitars are in C tuning and the song in the key of Cm (I think). in and starts with some generic tremolo which is interrupted by a "scream" using the whammy bar, which leads to a riff similar to any other Arch Enemy riff ever, then Alissa's vocals come in, which are average gutturals with higher pitch. The same riff as before plays during the verse (with some variations), the riff goes for one measure and then power chords come in, and everything repeat for the whole verse. After the verse we get the chorus, which is very bad in my opinion. It consists of a simplistic and a bit melodic lead riff, while the rhythm guitar plays a boring progression using tremolo picking and Alissa sings with a total lack of motivation. Looks like they tried to make an epic chorus but they only made something that almost sounds like pop music. After the chorus we get a short solo which is just some shredding with no actual objective, and then everything repeats. After the second chorus, we get a bridge which is the most interesting part of the song, the lead guitar plays a melody that sounds dark and a bit chaotic, we get some vocals and then a boring dual lead solo that lacks of any feeling or harmony. After that we jump to a metalcore-ish breakdown with a lead riff on the background. Then we get again the verse riff, and instead of directly going to the chorus, everything goes quiet and Alissa whispers the lyrics of the chorus while a piano plays the lead riff, after two measures the other instruments join in and play quietly, and then we get the normal chorus once again, and yet another senseless solo just to show that Michael Amott can play the guitar. Finally, the song ends with the lead riff being played by various instruments. The bass and the drums are buried by the guitar and the vocals for the whole song; the bass is only audible during the dual lead solo, and looks like the bassist plays a rhythm pattern, and the drums are just there, the drummer just plays common melodeath drumming with some blasts, nothing new.

Summary: "The World is Yours" is a generic melodeath song with lame riffs, boring chord progressions, uninteresting drumming, and average guttural vocals, which lacks of any originality, motivation, melody or effort, is what you would hear from any band of this genre, and it just shows how bad Arch Enemy has become after more than 20 years of playing music without ever changing their sound, always recycling old ideas.

Needs more Clean Singing. - 60%

Cloud0129, July 31st, 2017

I'll admit that my taste has changed quite a bit. A few years ago, I was in a melodic death phase. Nowadays, I almost listen exclusively to technical/brutal death metal and some of the harder thrash when it comes to metal. So beyond knowing that she's been in one album, I've been seriously out of the loop, and this is the only song that I've been able to listen to enough to make an opinion.

My biggest problem is Alissa's wasted potential; I acknowledge that Arch Enemy are completely different monster than The Agonist, so harsh vocals being in full force were to be expected, but it still feels like something is missing, as her biggest strength was her singing. I don't consider myself an expert when it comes to singing from a technical standpoint, but her voice was nice to hear at the least, and for me, they complement her harsh vocals. They're average at best on this song, to be honest. Not because she's an incompetent screamer, (she's actually quite skilled), but because she's capable of so much more. The closest we get is some spoken (whispered?) word around the three minute mark in a surprisingly soft part.

As for the other guys? I didn't care too much for Nevermore, but weren't Jeff's riffs there a lot more complex and heavy there? I recall hearing a few Nevermore songs and the only reasons I didn't get hooked on to them was because I wasn't a fan of Warrel Dane, but I do recall being impressed by Jeff's riffs. The intro riff is pretty damn good, but it sadly falls off when it finally passes by. At least his guitar solos are nice, being super complex, yet remains melodic enough to capture your interest. Michael Amott isn't too shabby here either, his solo I believe coming around the end of the song being the less complex, but being the more melodic.

I don't have much to say in regards to the bass and drums, as from the few other songs I've heard from Arch Enemy, they've always been more vocals/guitar focused than anything else. Both the drummer and bassist are good enough, being competent and full of energy to keep this song going, but nothing new is really done here as I don't think they're doing anything different otherwise.

If you liked Alissa's harsh vocals a lot more than me and don't mind the lack of clean vocals, you may enjoy this. If you're like me and haven't exactly given their previous album enough listens, you won't be missing out.