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Just as tight as the originals ! - 70%

crestiaux, October 18th, 2009

If you are a fan of Arch Enemy then I am sure you are fully aware that metal queen Angela Gossow has not always been the one vocally expressing the bands music. For their first three albums, Black Earth, Stigmata and Burning Bridges it was Johan Liiva that carried the vocal responsibilities. And now, with The Root Of All Evil, Angela burns up the microphone with re-recorded tunes from those three starter albums.

So if you are not too familiar with the bands first albums then you may wind up being just a bit confused and think the songs sound a bit heavier and not so much the sing along songs we have come to know and love. The guitar work is just as impressive as before and the drumming just as great. It's hard to review re-recorded albums as one of the only things you end up doing is comparing the two. So there are going to be the fans that prefer Johan's vocals more and those of us who like Angela's added spice. I am one of the fans that like Angela's pipes but still can appreciate Liiva's previous contributions to the band.

There are 2 songs from Stigmata, that being Beast of man and Bridge of destiny. The immortal, Dead Inside, Pilgrim and Demonic Science all come from Burning Bridges while Transmigration Macabre, Dark Insanity and Burn Me An Angel, spawning from Black Earth. On this cd you will find some new bass lines by D'Angelo and you will notice just how much tighter the Amott brothers sounds. The overall production on this cd is what makes it a hit for me. I enjoyed the albums when they were first recorded and enjoy the songs just as much having been re-recorded.

In conclusion, if you are a hardcore fan of Swedish Death Metal band Arch Enemy's first three cd's and not up for change then steer clear of this release. Otherwise I would say it is enjoyable.

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