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Their best album yet. - 90%

infinitenexus, January 22nd, 2008

I've listen to Arch Enemy in the past, however I always hated Liiva's pathetic attempt at vocals, so I never listened much. Their previous works with Angela were good, however her vocals weren't that much better (at least they're harsher and more fitting) and the music seemed slightly... Well, boring. Now along comes Rise of the Tyrant, and I must say I'm blown away.

Michael has started using Randall amplifiers, and his tone is huge and in your face. The guitar playing on this album is fantastic, maybe more melodic than their previous efforts, however that is what Arch Enemy is - a blending of beauty and brutality. Angela has greatly improved her vocals, now fitting excellently with the rest of the music. As far as the music itself, I would give it a 95-100. I listen to it constantly.

Every album has it's weak points, and this is no exception. The drums are far too quiet. Blasting it in my car, I hear guitars and vocals galore, and even the bass is definitely present. However aside from the high-hat, the drums seem almost absent. It's as if someone turned the volume knob down or something. Also, maybe this is just me, but the song "Revolution Begins" sounds kinda 80s-esque, especially during the verse.

Poor mixing not withstanding, this is an excellent melodic death metal album, in my opinion one of the best ever. Many so-called melodic death metal bands play typical death metal, complete with a cookie-cutter death growl and throw in a guitar harmony or two and consider themselves melodic, but Arch Enemy shows how to truly play the genre: fast and hard, but never sacrificing melody.

Best tracks - #2 The Last Enemy and #4 In This Shallow Grave.