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Rise Of Arch Enemy - 98%

darkreif, September 15th, 2007

It seems as though with the last few releases in Arch Enemy's catalog ("Anthems of Rebellion", "Doomsday Machine") that the band had been experimenting with melodies, rhythms, and overall different approaches to their style of Melodic Death Metal. Despite their experimentation they have continued to garner legions of new fans without really ever losing their main fanbase. Yet, many wondered how their next release would sound. Would they continue to experiment or return to their original paths? With the release of "Rise of the Tyrant", Arch Enemy seem to have set doubters in their place with a return to original form but with a new found outlook at how to write it.

"Rise Of The Tyrant" is darker, more sinister, and overall just more ferocious then any of the previous releases that feature Angela Gossow on the vocal duties. The band sounds in a better shape and mindset for the release of such a startling and enjoyable album. Fans of the original guitar dueling between the Amott brothers are going to get heavy dose of the brothers true art form on the album. Their combined efforts push the riffs to breakneck speeds and the leads to finger bleeding beauty as they swiftly and expertly trade off. To hear Chris Amott back with Arch Enemy is indeed a sweet relief especially after hearing the awesome chemistry that the brothers have on "Rise Of The Tyrant."

It's always mind-boggling to hear Angela Gossow tear through the songs. Her ability to blend diverse and brutal vocals never ceases to astound me as she pushes her own limits on the album. Sounding even more pissed off than before (which is hard to believe considering her previous work) she strips her vocals down to their primal forms and lets loose a cannon of guttural roars that put most Death Metal vocalists to shame. Gone are most of the layered vocals which give the album a very distinct "live" and raw feeling that suits the band quite well for the release.

Don't be afraid though that the band has de-evolved though. They may have reincorporated an older style to write this album but they don't forget the steps they have taken with their last few albums either. "I Will Live Again" uses a significant amount of synth lines in the song and a large amount of the focus is placed on the groove of the song. "Revolution Begins" is a catchy (and radio friendly) effort that really incorporates the lessons that Arch Enemy learned from their "Anthems of Rebellion" release. So expect a good mix from "Rise Of The Tyrant."

Arch Enemy are at the top of their game with this latest release. And the entire band sounds as if they are on the same page for the first time in while. "Rise Of The Tyrant" is the best collection of music the band has created in years. Not to mention it's one of the best albums of the year in Metal.

Songs to check out: "Blood On Your Hands", "Rise Of The Tyrant", "Vultures".