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Arch Enemy "Rise of the Tyrant" - 65%

danbedrosian, March 26th, 2011

Arch Enemy has always been an epitome of great melodic death metal. I've grown tired of the Amott Brothers as they have gotten tired of being themselves. This album was not one of the few good albums.

Listening to this album gave me mixed feelings. The opening track wasn't a very good hook. It really lacked as does the rest of the album. The guitars don't sound very powerful on this album. The drums sound barely inspired and as always the bass inaudible. The lyrics aren't very good either. Their recent obsession with revolution and tyranny doesn't make very good song lyrics. It's been done before and I can stomach it on "Doomsday Machine". That album was actually good. The riffs were excellent and up to expectation. "Rise of the Tyrant" doesn't seem as so.

The Amott brothers are famous guitarists. They're known for being technically skilled. The guitar work they did on this album sucks. They don't seem to play the melodic death metal/thrash metal mix riffs they used to. It sounds like they got lazy and half-assed everything. They seem like they got tired of being titled "so awesome" by fans who are only on the ride for Gossow, and I don't mean vocally either. Not all the riffs sound melodic like they are known to write. Some riffs are acceptable but otherwise just not like the Amotts on their good albums. "Intermezzo Libertè", the album's instrumental, wasn't outstanding like all their other instrumentals. I'll hand it to them. Though I've grown tired of them and they don't appeal to me as they did they still write some excellent instrumentals. "Hybrids of Steel", from "Doomsday Machine", was epic. "Intermezzo Libertè" sounded uninspired and just thrown together. There was no real variation in the song. It was just three minutes of a clean backing riff with a bland solo trying to sound epic or at least sad as it follows the even worse "The Day You Died". The second I looked at that title I knew it was going to be lame, especially after listening to some of the album. I was right. The song sucked. If I wanted something cheesy I would gladly look up some bad power metal. By the time I got to "Vultures" I hoped it would at least redeem them. They failed horribly trying to muster up something at least melodic that wasn't melodic at all. In one of the songs they try to go early Children of Bodom on us by playing a riff that sounds neoclassical, almost like the "Ode to Joy" in Beethoven's 5th Symphony. They didn't even play all of whatever neoclassical thing they were trying to play, otherwise that riff would've been acceptable, unfortunately not exceptionable, but it ended as a tease. Also, in the beginning of the song "Rise of the Tyrant" there is a sound clip played from some movie. I don't know what movie it could be but the people sounded like they were in Congress in 1787 just by the way they spoke. It almost makes it seem like Arch Enemy is calling America a tyrant. Big deal. The band is now obsessed tyranny and it's annoying. They've lost all ability to write anything different. It's just not creative anymore.

I would like to point out that in "The Great Darkness" it sounds like they say "Satan" or "Satan- The only lord I believe in" or some shit like that. I looked at the lyrics and it had nothing to do with what I heard. So I just have to ask what the fuck? Are Angela Gossow's vocals that hard to understand I heard "Satan"? Her vocals aren't very good this time around as they were on previous albums. Near the end of the album she half-sounded like one of those deathcore singers, probably from Bring Me the Horizon or some shit.

This album had a lack of inspiration, creativity, and ability to entertain. There were some enjoyable parts. The only track I enjoyed all the way through was "In This Shallow Grave" despite some weak lyrics. It wasn't their best effort so I hope they outdo themselves on their next album set for release 1 May, 2011 worldwide. Until then we can only hope they don't release an album as unimpressive as this, and they made promises that it should be better. We'll see, I can't wait to review that album.