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Terrible but not AS terrible - 27%

Noktorn, July 23rd, 2008

I have to admit that this album isn't as bad as 'Doomsday Machine'. It's still terrible and I don't recommend you buy it at all, but it is better than the previous one. Of course, farting in my own mouth is better than 'Doomsday Machine' so I guess it's not saying much.

Essentially I'd describe this as the best you can possibly do with the elements found on 'Doomsday Machine'. Gothenburg-derived guitarwork laced with Machine Head groove, annoying mock-ferocious vocals from that retarded chimp Gossow, and generic drumwork, all tied up with the bow of painfully sterile and clean production. There's almost nothing to recommend for it except that it's 'not that bad'. Again, it's better than 'Doomsday Machine'. The guitars are kind of catchy from time to time, there's some decent riffs that don't repeat themselves for minutes on end, and the lyrics aren't quite as awful as the previous release. There are good moments on this record.

But really let me remind you that it's still an awful piece of crap. The Amott brothers haven't been generally able to write a riff to save their lives in a decade now and the trend isn't bucked particularly hard here. The vocals still suck and the music in general is as monotonous as ever, and only the most diehard fans of crappy throwback groove/Gothenburg stuff will find anything of value here. There's no point to listen to something like this when there's infinitely better melodeath IN THE SAME COUNTRY as this band. Really, the only thing that 'Rise Of The Tyrant' has going for it is that it's not quite as painful as 'Doomsday Machine'. Aside from that, it's just terrible.

Don't listen to this, don't buy it, don't think about the band, don't let Angela Gossow open her mouth under any circumstances, she's an embarrassment to us all. Actually the whole band is, let's find a pit to bury them in.