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Gothenburg that doesn't utterly suck - 58%

UltraBoris, December 30th, 2002

Okay it's not good either. But at least the Iron Maiden riff recycling isn't as hideously overt, and there are even some thrash riffs in here. And, best of all, the riffs aren't completely forgotten under the verses. They are, however, completely forgettable. That is the main drawback of the album, that while there are some neat intro riffs, and whatnot, the entire structure of the song is not dominated by them. Under the verses, the guitar work just tends to get kinda sloppy... for example, note "The Immortal." Before the first verse, a cool intro riff. After that verse, a very nice riff as well. Under the verse? Some noise, really.

"Pilgrim" - special mention. The chorus riff is totally David Bowie's "Panic in Detroit". Yes, there are such overt melodic moments and at times the album sounds almost Helloween-ish (see intro riff to "Silverwing" which is one section of some Walls of Jericho solo, repeated over and over again).

So overall what we have here is a real mishmash, which is typical of Gothenburg. The riff construction ranges from the horrible to the decent, and is more of the latter. However, there is really only one or two really really great riffs in every song, and they tend to get buried. For instance, the best riff in Silverwing is at around 1.13 and occurs for all of one second.

"Angelclaw" is probably the highlight, because it rides that nice thrashy intro riff for a while, and then in the middle has some great lead work. Oh yes, there is no questioning the lead work here - that's absolutely fantastic. It's the riffs that need some help. Too little attention is paid to the transitions between good riffs, and bad ones are put in way too often.