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Dave called, he wants his riff back. - 70%

electric27, December 13th, 2004

First off I'd like to point out that the opening riff for Burning Angel is lifted directly from Megadeth's Hangar 18. That said, it's not a bad song. Unlike a good chunk of the people at the EM, I like Arch Enemy, old stuff and new stuff.

Like so many Gothenburg bands, the production on this single rips. The drums are thunderous without too much "boom", the bass is smooth and low, and the guitars are clear, but heavily distorted.

Nice guitar melodies on the title track. Lots of theme and variation, the composing shows "maturity" for a lack of a better word. Nice vibe, especially on the chorus. A breakdown that doesn't suck, everything stops, then the brothers Amott hit you with a some killer solos. A key change, then it ends.

Lament of a Mortal soul kicks ass. The drum line is cool as fuck. Cool chromatic riff, then a passage that might remind some of mallcore bands, but the guitars, bass, and drums are so fucking tight I don't care. Drumming kicks ass throughout. Great solos, outro.

I love Arch Enemy's version of Judas Priest's Starbreaker. It has Johan on vocals, so if you looove Halford's performance on this song, you may not like this one so much. Personally, I think it's cool. Guitars are awesome, they sound more aggressive than the original.

This is a Japanese release. The double disk version of Wages of Sin should still be available in the States, and it has all the songs on this single, so don't bother. Good stuff, though.