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Arcania - Sweet angel dust - 40%

Phuling, June 14th, 2011

Ahh, jeez. I’m not a thrash fan. In fact, nine out of ten times I’ll outright hate it, and it takes something extraordinarily unique to convince me. I’ve never even been a fan of Metallica, not even their earlier releases, but I still appreciate the worth it’s had for metal, and the fact that the earlier stuff was really well-written. So that doesn’t give Arcania a very good chance at succeeding in my house, and with just a glance at the butt-ugly cover and horrible logo I feel their chances dramatically decreasing.

The first thing that strikes me is the modern flair to thrash, but highly influenced by the old golden days of the genre. It’s filled to the brim with melody, and that in combination with the vocals remind me a whole lot of a local Swedish band called Origin Blood (actually one of the few thrash bands I seriously enjoy). But Arcania fails to live up to any kind of expectations, seeing as the majority of the material is pretty bland, in my book. There’s not really anything unique about it. Ok, so not everything has to be unique, but when even I can spot the stolen Metallica riffs and song structures in Leave my mind it’s just too blatantly obvious. I couldn’t tell you which song it’s from, but I can most definitely hear it. And a track like As we fall is just flat-out bland and uninteresting, sounding like pretty much any other melodic thrash act out there. And it’s Arcania’s lack of identity that’s their biggest flaw.

But, we have the other big flaw to deal with as well; the generally uninteresting riffing. There aren’t really any moments where the riffs catch my attention, and pretty much the only time it does get my attention is because of some annoying solo. But I suppose there’s some heavy metal occasionally thrown into the mix, which goes hand in hand with the melodic part of their sound. I don’t know what else to say, this is just another bad thrash album, too obviously idolizing Metallica, and failing to deliver.

Originally written for My Last Chapter