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Call of the boring - 40%

dismember_marcin, June 25th, 2018

Aragon is Polish black metal band, which already spit out several blasphemies such as splits, EPs and other recordings – all since 2012. I haven't heard any of them. I didn't care. And I still don't. But because I got Aragon's latest piece of filth, which is titled "Call of the Beast" (released by Putrid Cult) I had to sacrifice some time and listen to it. And now I also have to write this short review. Was this all time wasted for me? Well, honestly I feel like it was. Aragon didn't make a positive impression on me and I remained completely careless for their music for the whole time I was playing "Call of the Beast". It's not utter crap, but in the field of the most violent, harsh and obscure black metal Aragon is below mediocrity, so this album will quickly be forgotten.

Definitely, if you're fan of the vulgar and most primitive form of black metal, then you may give Aragon a try. But do not expect anything special from it. There are some pretty cool riffs, especially when Aragon slows the pace down to more heavy and crushing type of black metal. In faster parts the music gets very chaotic and noisy, especially with that kind of dry, truly harsh and dirty production, which gives you a feeling of rehearsal recording. Well, primitive or not, I expect the music to offer me something more than just bunch of noisy songs. I need the atmosphere to freeze my blood, I want riffs to cut my throat and crush every bone. Aragon doesn't do much with their music to me. I sometimes get annoyed with their mediocrity of the music, boring, even unlistenable songs, weak vocals and even with the useless intros, which were taken from the old Polish documentary movies about murders committed in Poland some years ago.

Soooo, no more. I have too much killer music to waste my time on it any longer. If you're into the likes of Archgoat, then maybe you will enjoy it.

Standout tracks: none
Verdict: 45/100