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Blood thirsty for moshing - 86%

raspberrysoda, November 23rd, 2015

Who the fuck has ever heard of Aragon? New York wasn't a fertile ground for thrash metal, and with Anthrax and Nuclear Assault already ruling the local scene and gaining worldwide recognition, Aragon-y bands definitely had a few to zero recognition, and I can only imagine these guys playing in front of a seven people crowd that praise their work and then forget about them a day later.

Despite of their obscurity, Aragon had great potential and could have reached further if they hadn't broke up in the end of the 80's. The NYHC and Slayer are recogniseable throughout the entire duration of this album, and especially in Fallout and the Reign In Blood-y Simply Deranged. The guitars, almost Voivod-ish, execute very brutal thrash riffs that are a bit progressive and have a tinge of a NWOBHM sound to them (such as in Fear For Your Life) and are accompanied by Araya-y bass lines that do not fall from quality of the original.

The thing that defies the album's quality the best is definitely the drums. The crossover thrash influences and NHYC breaks are everywhere in the album and enhance the riffs, and make all of the songs extremely mosh-able and fun to listen to. Even the classic rock tune, I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (one of the definitive highlights of this album), is turned into a frenzy moshable mayhem of that vein. The vocals aren't disappointing either, and sound something between Paul Dianno and James Hetfield which fit the album's speed/thrash straightforward attitude. The production is pure underground, but enhances the bass and makes the instruments quite stable compared to the drums. If you want a slab of underground NYHC influenced thrash, or if you just want to mosh for 22 minutes in your bedroom, this album is definitely for you.