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Fallen Angel / Authorize / Nirvana 2002 / Appendix - Appendix / Nirvana 2002 / Authorize / Fallen Angel

A Must To Have - 90%

Erkitu, September 19th, 2008

Jörgen Sigfridsson was a tapetrader who in late 1987 was planning to release a fanzine called ‘Is This Heavy Or What?’ and a Split 7” was intended to go along with the zine.. but for lack of money only the 7” was released, so the name for the zine became the label’s name itself, and today is also the name under which the Split with Damien/ Atrocity/ Gravity/ Tribulation is better known. This embryonic label later turned in the best known Opinionate! Records which released this must collector item. Let’s see what it contains..

Appendix: this band played a classic thrash inspired to the Bay area bands like Metallica Testament etc. They realized only a demo in 1990 which sounds already dated in that time, though is well played. This song, ‘Sentenced To Death’ is taken from that demo, musically is common thrash, not a masterpiece nor too bad; also the lyrics are not original, the usual theme of the condemned to death.

Nirvana 2002’s track, ‘The Awakening Of...’ is the main reason to have this 7”. This is their absolute debut on vinyl format followed only by the appearance on LP (and CD) in the CBR compilation ‘Projection Of A Stained Mind’. This song is great, with weird feeling and evocative lyrics; corrosive voice, howling guitars, changes of tempo and atmospheric parts, in their classic style that we can hear in the ‘Disembodied Spirits’ demo (from which this song is taken), ‘Mourning’ and ‘Promo ‘91’.

Authorize: Previously known as Morbid Fear, they first played deaththrash, then they changed monicker and style. ‘Darkest Age’ is taken from the demo with the same title; is a very good song, brutal deaththrash with a lot of tempo changes and not usual rythms for the genre.. the voice is more thrashy here compared with the later version of the same song released in their more downtuned debut album, where they had a new vocalist. Environmental lyrics, but in a death metal way. This song keeps up the quality of the side B.

Fallen Angel was a quite good, but not killer thrash combo: it’s pure thrash without strange influences or contaminations. ‘Ethanolic Intoxication’ shows a skilled band, but as for Appendix, sounded already listened with anachronistic riffs for that time (in those years classic thrash has not many horizons), in some passage they remember a bit Re-animator. Also the lyrics are very usual for the genre, focused on alcoholism.

This Split is an interesting picture of the Swedish scene in 1990: some bands even trying to play old Thrash like the US masters, but too late. Other bands also influenced by American, but more recent (in those days) bands, especially Autopsy, and creating something new: the sound that after a while has been known worldwide as Swedish Death Metal.
The cover design is awful, but the back is good, with coloured photos, and a good insert with logos, lyrics and information is included: This is a great piece of collection, a must to have.