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Trapped in a Something... - 65%

grimdoom, August 7th, 2015

Apostate - Trapped in a Sleep review

Something old presented in something new is how this album is best described. What the band lacks in originality they make up for in presentation and a questionable grasp of English.

Apostate start the album off with a song that sounds like it belongs on an early era Trouble album. This is the only nod to Trouble however. Musically this is sort of all over the place as there are hints of a few different bands strewn throughout. The two biggest influences are My Dying Bride, 'The Light at the End of the World' era, mostly in the keyboard work but also in some of the riffs. The second being Substance for God in song structure, phrasing and the general vibe.

The vocals are the weakest link in an otherwise strong chain. The vocals have a lot in common with Strong Bad and it can be hard to take Apostate seriously especially when you're waiting to hear something about 'Trogdor the Burninator' or 'Thatched roof cottages". The clean vocals sound like a (poor) cross between Primordial's Alan and Emperor's Ihsahn (circa Anthems). They don't fit the music at all, coming off about equally as cheesy as Strong Bad.

Comedy aside the music is pretty good. The musicianship is competent if expected. The lack of solos does hurt the overall sound the band was going for. Thankfully the heavy guitars make up for some of that. Treading familiar ground the dark and brooding aspects come off as a bit forced but ultimately genuine. One of the good things about this is incredibly random and very welcome Substance for God influence. Though not as laid back as their influence would suggest they instead opt for a more uptempo and aggressive approach.

Thankfully this isn't pure cookie cutter crap like 90% of the current power metal bands or the 100% of ALL black metal bands. The fact that the band either by accident or design tried to combine the aforementioned influences into their own sound is pretty impressive. This isn't a bad little album all things considered but you could do better.