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Old School And Boring - 55%

diogoferreira, April 24th, 2015

With more than twenty years active, the Ukrainian doomsters Apostate are able to say that they are part of oldest ranks within their country’s metal scene and have seen a lot of fellow bands arising in the last ten/fifteen years. However, even if they are out there since 1993, their discography isn’t vast at all and last March we saw the releasing of the sophomore album “Time Of Terror” that was launched via Ferrrum.

Beginning with a famous quote from the cult film “Planet Of The Apes”, the album’s sound is immediately presented by an extremely slow and obscure pace that is headed by a decrepit and deep voice. Funeral doom metal, of course. This sub-genre is not properly melodious – except, for instance, some passages delivered by Ahab – and it’s hard to find moments like that during the record. Even so, guitars aren't limited to only heavy and slow riffs as we can find some sporadic soundscapes that can be defined as melodic ones, but always with a dose of condemnation and death. On the other hand, faster riffs are also applied, like in “Pain Served Slow”, originating a black metal approach.

Regarding the production, it can be said that the sound of the instruments come to us through a noisy and even strident way, something that can be pretty annoying. This downside is particularly perceptible in the drums’ cymbals. And I’ll be honest, this kind of doom metal isn’t for all metal freaks out there, and if there’s no remnant of cool melodies or if there’s no vein of originality, the band will be condemned to possible failure. With Apostate we can notice the lacking of new blood and some musical moments turn out to be a little boring.

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