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Another hideously ignored classic. - 100%

stonedjesus, November 19th, 2007

I think all my favorite elements of thrash and metal can be found on this impressive south american band's one and only full-length. You have the manic vocals, violent speed, lengthy dynamic/epic songs, ripping guitar tone, stark and menacing atmosphere. Everything you might find in countrymates Pentagram and Necrosis but with far more thrust and professionalism. This is not a barbaric "Morbid Visions" clone nor is it the typical sparsely recorded South American fodder. No, this is an impressive beast of an album.

Press play, and grab a book or a sketch pad because trance-like 5 minute plus thrash songs are ahead and an overall cerebral and inspiring feat is about to begin. Apostasy wastes very little time getting to the meat of things in a very Dark Angel meets Possessed way. Lightning speed and a spit-forth attitude will get your foot tapping and by the end of the second track I guarantee any respectable thrasher will be on the floor having a moshpit seizure from hell. Through the apex and the end you'll find a high quality chainsaw of a thrash album with death metal elements interspersed.

Vocals are manic, the majority are deathly and in one or two instances nearly "clean" sung. Guitar work is frantic yet respectably done, holding the bulk of the energy found on this classic obscurity. To be honest I paid no attention to the bass work here, and it paid no mind to me. And last we have the drumming rounding out the rhythm section, much like the guitarists style the performance here is one of finesse and brutality. True effort and energy was put into this recording and it is plainly audible.

A fully redeeming experience awaits anyone who can find this obscure Chilean thrash metal attack. I believe it is a cassette only release, and I regret to conclude lack of exposure and promotion kept this band completely under the radar. I believe if this had landed into the right hands and fell upon the right sets of ears back in the day, it would have been garnered as exceptional as I believe it to be.

It rips, it shreds, it buries the corpse in a deluge of rotten and reeking blood. Highly recommended for fans of anything from Dark Angel to Possessed or even Sepultura's finest hour(s).