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Masterpiece - 94%

UncleMeat, February 23rd, 2009

Apolion’s Genocide were an obscure black metal band from Columbia who released 3 demos over the span of five years. Unfortunately, they changed styles drastically by the time they got around to recording their second demo. Personally, I find their second demo somewhat gay, and their third demo even more so, but that is just me. This demo however, Olupicsid Nu A Anedro Sathanas, is an outstanding piece of evil, old school black metal with strong doom metal elements. This demo is quite unique, but if I had to make a comparison, I would say it sort of resembles what a mixture of the first two Samael LPs, Abruptum’s – The Satanist Tunes and the Wormphlegm LP would sound like if they were all thrown in a blender and put on tape.

The production here is very fitting, and adds a lot to the dismal and obscure atmosphere that the band was trying to convey. This effect is achieved with all the instruments and vocals sounding like they were recorded in a massive cave, creating plenty of reverb to carry the chilling guitars, crawling drums, and lurking bass along as they lay down their doom-laden black metal. As if those elements on their own are not enough to create something truly awesome, Crucibulum Kurips spews forth vocals in both a death-like growl and a mid-high pitched rasp, creating a similar effect to that of Wormphlegm with the use of double-tracked vocals. These are up front and center in the mix, quite loudly too, but not overbearingly loud. Actually, if Crucibulum did not have such a sickening voice, then their prominence in the mix might bother me a little, but they are just SO good that their loudness does not bother me one bit.

Overall, these songs are mostly slow to mid-paced (this is where the doom metal elements come into place), with the exception of the occasional fast section, but those are very seldom. However, just because the drums are mostly slow does not mean they ever get boring. They work perfectly with the eerie and ritual-like atmosphere created by the production, and the fact that Edhir Kpurtos certainly knows a thing or two about rhythmic dynamics certainly helps. The guitar is rather distant sounding, which can generally be a drawback on some recordings, but here, it works, and gives the riffs that Haiw Couipus churns out work more flowingly and effectively. The bass is hard to hear at times, but it is there, lurking around under the sheets of ice created by the guitar. I mentioned the use of the keyboard organ effect earlier, and it is just so awesome that I am going to mention it again. It is not overused, and only appears to accentuate certain sections for dynamics. There are some instances where the organ is paired up with the sickening double tracked vocals, creating a climactic effect that is a real treat for this kind of metal. All these elements mesh perfectly, and all play key roles in the creation of one of the darkest and eeriest black metal recordings ever made.

Olupicsid Nu A Anedro Sathanas is a black metal masterpiece, and really does not warrant the obscurity that surrounds it. What this needs is a good, well-respected label whose main concerns are quality and substance rather then some shitty quick-buck bootleg label to do it some justice and get it the recognition it deserves. Nuclear War Now! Productions, I am looking at you.