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Sentence of Death is Declared! - 90%

Werewolf, April 14th, 2007

This self released demo features 4 songs, strongly influenced by 1st Wave Black Metal and early Death Metal. According to the information written in the 2 albums that were released later - the first 3 songs were written between 1985 and 1988, so don't expect for any modern "metal" influences here! The production is raw, but every instrument can be heard pretty well. Think Hellhammer / Satanic Rites production and feeling meets Bulldozer's "The Day of Wrath" heaviness and speed with Jeff Beccera on vokillz... All of the 4 tracks kick ass and are recommended to every Oldschool headbanger, but my favorite track, which also represents AR as a great Hellhammer worship band is "Tyrant, Emperor", which is the most Hellhammer inspired track here.

Overall, this is really decent stuff for a first demo. If the production was just a bit better and all of these tracks were not released with better production on the first AR's LP's - I would probably give this demo 100, for there's nothing here that personally I didn't like.