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As if this hasn't been done a million times before - 14%

firebee1, May 7th, 2006

I was browsing through demo download dungeon on the metal discussion forums downloading anything and everything that still had a working link. I spent about an hour or three downloading these tracks on my shitty 56k modem. I listened to them the next day and the whole way through, I was thinking one adjective to sum up every song: generic. When it was over, I felt one thing: disappointment. The songs are all verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo/etc. style, which makes for a very repetitive album. I couldn't believe I wasted hours downloading this boring, generic GARBAGE!

There are absolutely NO MEMORABLE SONGS AT ALL on this thing! The guitar solos are nice and tricky but that's all, and not even those are good enough to make for so much as a a memorable song! The vocals are absolutely generic of the decade, something that I've heard in other bands like Ballistic, glam era Pantera, and well-known heavy metal powerhouse Iron Maiden. They're the typical 80s high-flying somewhat operatic vibrato/falsetto stuff, which everybody was doing at the time making his vocals totally typical and common.

The guitars pretty either riff one chord really quickly along with the bass snare bass snare crash somewhere drums and boring generic vocals or they chug along with the bass snare bass snare crash somewhere drums and boring generic vocals.

I wish I could use specific songs as examples for stuff, but I really honestly can't because they're all pretty much the same song with a different riff and speed.

What a fucking waste of time. 14 points out of 100 for the guitar solos.

[Note: This review has been entered in under the name Total_Disaster]