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Pure Novelty - 55%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 25th, 2004

This right here is the definition of a novelity band. A band that makes music for the novelty of it, in this case a band that does covers just to have people listen to them say 5 times and say "how interesting". While there is nothing wrong with being a novelty band...they are rarely good and there lasting appeal is about as long as mayonaise left out in the sun in mid july. Well this band follows the trend of a novelty band, making music thats interesting and the coolest thing in the world for about 5 days, then you forget about it and go back to your metal. For a novelty band they are good though, they did something different. Covers are nothing different, but a band covering 80's thrash songs and some 90's heavy metal songs with chello's and still making them sound metal is different. This certainly makes for a better experiance that listening to modern Metallica.

The music on this album is indeed interesting and enjoyable for sometime. The band seems to hit there high notes when they cover the slower songs like The Unforgiven. Here the chello sounds more classical and smoother, producing more emotional notes. For the 80's thrash songs they cover like Creeping Death and Master Of Puppets the chello's do sound pretty metal. They are fast, deep/heavy, and played very well. They give the songs a more Apocalyptic feel, like the world is coming to an end. Like I said this all sounds so cool at first...but then you realize these are just imcomplete songs. They are just 4 chello's, imagine Metallica trying to play their songs with 4 guitars...its just lacking.

I give the band credit for being unique and making everything from the black album by Metallica sound better(really, the black album played on chello by theses guys sounds much better than played by Metallica) and also making their other works into something different and scarier. If you can find this for cheap buy it, its a nice novelty album thats pretty light for metal but also dark and apocalyptic. Buy this if your into novelty bands or chello's. Its most certainly the worst work of Apocalyptica, but not horrible, just average, maybe slightly above average.