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Original, but not really a Metal Breakthrough... - 59%

Karth, May 14th, 2005

I was like "hey, Metallica songs played on cellos, now that's something you don't see everyday" when I first saw the album, and that's what it is exactly, Metallica classicals played by a cello quartet, looking at the album list, it didn't really have all my personal favorites.
But that was also a problem in the album, it was only played on four cellos, there wasn't any drums alongside them to give them that impact, some songs like "Enter Sandman" sounded very weak without that drums, "master of puppets" is okay, then comes a very retarded sounding "harvester of sorrow" and it sounds really REALLY bad (I stopped listening to the album after the album thinking I'll give it another chance some other time after I listen to something else)... The "unforgiven" doesn't sound that bad from what I think, in fact it does sound quite atmospheric, but I think Apocalyptica made a big mistake wasting thier time covering "Sad but true", not only do I personally dislike the song, but even for a cover it doesn't make it any better. "Creeping Death" has the same issue about sounding weak without the drums. the last two songs "Wherever I roam" and "Sanitarium" though are probably the best two songs in the album, sounding wonderfully moody.

Maybe the album doesn't really come to my appeal because I'm not really that much a fan of Metallica, from what I think there are 3 solid tracks out of 8 tracks while the rest is either really bad or mediocre. If you are a hardcore Metallica fan and have an open mind for something somewhat different, then this would be a nice piece for your collection.