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It sucks. - 50%

Young_Metalhead, June 2nd, 2011

I don't know about your opinion, but I've heard a lot of things about this album (7th Symphony), some very bad things...

I loved it, and I'm a die-hard Apocalyptica fan so it is difficult for me to see my favorite band doing this kind of stuff. I was pretty shocked when I saw the guest list for 7th Symphony. You know? But after listening to it I realised it was another one of their experimentations... Not bad at all, you can read my review.

But then they decided it would be cool to re-record one of the songs with another vocalist, why? I have no fucking idea (though it was probably due to financial/marketing reasons). I would just have let it go if the new vocalist was more into the metal scene than the original one. Or if it were the same vocalist but the music was being re-recorded (kind of what they did to "I Don't Care").

OK, so what's wrong with this one? It's got Doug Robb. Yes, the guy from Hoobastank... Really? Didn't you guys have enough after putting Lacey into 7th Symphony? Did you REALLY have to do this? Rather than just being bad, this is disappointing.

So, why did I give it a 50? Because the music is exactly the same. Though it is ruined by the vocals, half of the song remains good.

You better avoid this, just as I did before today.