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Needs better covers - 60%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 14th, 2004

This album reaches its high points in their covers, which there are plenty of. The highest point of the covers are the metallica ones. The sepultura covers are the second best, followed by the Pantera then Faith no More. All the covers are better than the origonal material preformed by Apocalyptica. Its my opinion that the band doesn't have very good song writing skills of their own, thats why at this point in their career stuck to the covers...that and to be labeled as metal and to get people to notice them.

The cover are done very well, I would choose to listen to these covers over the origonal songs any day. In part because I have heard the metallica songs a million times, and in part they suck when played by Metallica. It seems when this band plas the covers of Metallica they sound different and unique, they really do well in converting them from their orignal purpose as thrash metal songs into neo-classical metal songs, that in itself seems to take some thought and talent. I was never much of a fan or a fan at all of the other bands, so the other covers songs and their orignals were not well known to me. For that reason they come second to the metallica ones, also to me they seem less interesting, but I can't blame the band for that, since they didn't write it, that fault goes to the original writers of the songs.

The origonal material has nothing to boast about. Its boring and nothing happens in it. I would just blame this on the bands inexperiance, and up to this point I would label them a cover band because their origonal material is bad, like the stuff of early cover bands. The best songs on this album are the Metallica covers Nothing Else Matters and One. I think they should have chosen better songs to cover to make this album great. As it is its more of a novelty album, rather mediocre. Their are 4 good Metallica Covers, and two decent other songs, so I gave 10 points per listenable song.