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MUCH better than the Debut - 80%

Karth, May 26th, 2005

Well this is much better than the debut if you ask me, now they got the metallica songs I really like and also some music from bands I've only heard of and never heard thier music including some originals, treat! I mean the cellos are a nice touch on metal covers but I think it's about time we heard some originals from everyone's favorite cello quartet.

The album starts with an Apocalyptica original "Harmageddon", sounds quite psychotic with all the screeching in between (and in some parts it sounds like Danni Filth from Cradle of Filth wailing in the background), but it is moody and melancholic, and there are some parts that sound like Priest-ish octaves, which gives a nice touch. Quite a pleasing track all round.

Then comes "From out of nowhere" now this is a cover for Faith No More, a band I haven't heard to date, but this song is giving me a good impression. It doesn't sound really heavy compared to the other tracks on the album, but I like it's pace.

Now for another Metallica cover, "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is one of the more moody tracks on the album, I haven't heard the original, but this quite good.

After that comes the favorite "Nothing Else Matters", which sounds billions of times better than the original, the cellos give more atmosphere and mood than what metallica did. This track would make any metal hater think twice.

"Refuse/Resist" comes next, a Sepultura classic or so many sepultura tell me. I haven't heard much of Sepultura (not needing to mention that I'm not much of a thrash metal fan myself). it's one of the heaviest tracks in the album, where the cellos sound like grinding machines in some parts, which does give an interesting touch.

Another original by Apocalyptica comes next, strangely called "M.B.", man-butt, mostly-bull, major-bull, mentally-boring, megabeth... I really don't know what it stands for. it's not really a bad track, I just don't like the first part of it, but halfway it suddenly turns into some creepy quite melody that quickens up. half a classic I'd say.

Another favorite which surprisingly is a sepultura cover, the title track of the album "Inquisition Symphony". I really like the solo in this, wonderfully played, though I haven't heard the the original to this, but I doubt it comes any better than this cover, it's very aggressive and moody, one of the heaviest tracks in the album aswell.

"Fade To Black" is next, another Metallica cover, wonderful intro that gives it a good melancholic mood at the start. then it picks up beautifully in the end.

and now for something completley different, a Pantera cover, "Domination" is a nice track, if you ask me, it sounds quite strange in the beginning. but it's the only track in the album that sounds alot like the stuff in the debut album done better even without the drums.

"Toreador" is the last of the originals in this album, it's the best of the three, it's heavier than the first two. The aggressiveness in this is nice and it's very steady. Beautiful is the only word to describe it.

To conlude this album yet anothe metallica cover, "One", one of my favorite tracks in the album, and once again much better than the original, yes believe me, the even the solo sounds better here, and the intro to this absolutley beautiful and it smoothly gets better as it changes, the heavy bit of the track sounds awesome.

Once again an album that's done without any precussion whatsoever, but this sounds miles better than the debut, Apocalyptica has improved greatly with the release of this album, if you didn't like "Apocalyptica plays Metallica on four cellos", give them a second chance and give this a try, you won't be dissapointed.

Tip: listen to Apocalyptica with a bass boost on thier music for the ultimate Apocalyptic experience