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Palubicki Strikes Again - 60%

Death_Thrasher, May 3rd, 2012

One can't help but admire Gene Palubicki's ability to churn out malevolent, hateful death metal riffage at such a relentless pace. First, he writes the lion's share of the mighty Angelcorpse's music; then, he creates a worthy spiritual successor to that fallen legend in the form of Perdition Temple; and now, he finds time for this nasty little creation he calls Apocalypse Command (he has a knack for badass band names too, it would seem). These are but three of his extensive body of work.

If you enjoy this man's other projects, Apocalypse Command will provide you with plenty of thrills but probably no surprises. This is bestial, ferocious death/black metal very close to the aforementioned bands as well as classics like Blasphemy and, of course, Morbid Angel. Winding riffs tangle and coil like a barrel of snakes; evil incantations are vomited forth by a foul, demonic voice; twisted, technical solos break the surface of the murky waters, wild and vicious. This all sounds very generic, and it is, but that doesn't stop it being very fucking entertaining indeed.

The only weakness this demo has, from a technical standpoint, is the programmed drums. While they are subdued in favour of the riff-and-lead mayhem, they still have an unavoidably inhuman quality to them which can be a little distracting; certainly fast and tight, but perhaps too much so. This sort of raw, bestial metal really needs that human touch, that sense of flailing chaos behind the drums, for it to really hit the spot.

With a full-length Apocalypse Command release already on the shelves, this demo may seem a tad redundant, but it's pretty cheap and is mighty entertaining in its own right. No, the programmed drums aren't perfect, but there's plenty of riff-pie to be enjoyed here for fans of Palubicki's other projects.