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Apes of God - Procession of Death

Apes of God - Procession of Death - 85%

Metal Extremista, May 30th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2019, Cassette, Atolinga Records (Die Hard)

AoG is one of the most active bands in the local underground. This is a fast-paced death metal compilation with four new songs, and additionally, we have two live tracks recorded at “Megarock Fest 2018”.

If you already know the band, the musical cohesion they have acquired is the first thing you notice when listening to “Procession of Death”, if not, this is a great starting point to get acquainted with their studio and live performances. Through 20 minutes it features great blast-beat drum lines and superb vocals. Guitars are paramount and at the very core of the band’s compositions. Bass provides a powerful rhythm background filling the low-frequency ranges left by the absence of a second guitar, although it's not entirely needed. All tracks last around two and a half and 4 minutes and turn out to be a little more melodic than what we found on previous releases, without compromising the feeling of anger. Production is clear, making all instruments noticeable in the mix. Some songs showcase a slowed-down section in the middle before moving forward vertiginously. Some listeners may consider this akin to "core" styles, however, it might be merely a glimpse of it not compromising the band's death metal identity. Morbid Miasma (vocals on Conceived by Hate, Disorder, and Witchgöat) performs additional voices on “Evil Spirit Incarnate”, adding some blackish tone to the track. Live tracks are well executed and maintain the spirit of the studio recording, that’s exactly how a band reaches maturity. Very nice and clean production here too; it does not get you distracted with the sound of the crowd but still captures some of their energy interacting with the band.

You will definitely enjoy this EP, whether you have been following the band for a while or just got to know them. There’s no chance to find anything fancy here, just straightforward death/thrash metal to bang your head at.

Originally written for Metal Extremista Webzine