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Apes of God > El poeta y el cementerio de memorias > Reviews
Apes of God - El poeta y el cementerio de memorias

Apes of God - El poeta y el cementerio de memorias - 80%

Metal Extremista, December 26th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, RGR Distro

This is the demo with which Apes of God resurfaces after the murder of vocalist César Canales. Contains only two tracks released on Bandcamp, with just over 6 minutes of playtime. This is dense and dark death metal, as touched by Death itself. Rodrigo is on vocal duties this time with a shrieked style rather than a guttural approach.

Slower tempos, with doom reminiscences, make the sound of the band a little different than what we have listened to previously from them. The lower tuned guitars and bass, along with the new vocal style this demo make it sound like if it's a whole different band, both tracks seem to be heading down a darker path or emerging from it after a dread tragedy. The band has reinvented themselves as a new entity, or an alter-ego if you wish.

Re-emerging as Apes of God has, is not an easy task, many bands have split, or their members have stayed away from the stage, metal, or music altogether for much less than what Apes of God have been through. This would seem like a new beginning or a turn in their previous path, or this may be just a cathartic exercise, an escape valve for pain.

According to the band themselves: "This demo is an altar to memory; it is everything that could’ve never been said." Worth to pay a listen to this to understand more about the band and their musical development.

Originally written for Metal Extremista Webzine