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Unadulterated, amazing, essential - 95%

GuardAwakening, October 10th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Art of Propaganda (Limited edition)

I cannot help but feel that within the makeshift 'genre' of black metal/depressing post-punk/shoegazy doom rock bands such as Lifelover, Dystopia Nå!, Psychonaut 4 and Amesoeurs, there is Apat whichi unfortunately gets left behind in the pack of them all. With two amazing albums, this depressing Swedish outfit are undoubtedly musical geniuses. While most proclaim they are nothing more than a blatant rip-off of Lifelover and Shining, I'll beg that - while these influences are prominent in their sound, especially on Eufori - they certainly make excellent music and I can argue that they do in fact possess their own sound.

We've head it all a million times; "depressive black metal is emo bullshit," "music for pussies" ect, well to those who are fortunate enough to not suffer from depression every single day of their lives, I have to say this: good for you! I congratulate you on not having to live your every day in life to misery to the point where not only don't "get" the works of Lifelover, Nocturnal Depression, Trist and Psychonaut 4 (among others), but also that have to give your smutty opinion over the genre. Good for those motherfuckers and their petty arguments that black metal written about emotion and catharsis is somehow taboo because it's not about Satan or hating Christianity. For those that can see the beauty in the style of music this band perform, I can easily sum it up like this: Apati take what Lifelover has done and amplify it to something even more beautiful. A suitable predecessor of Psychonaut 4 (before they hit the scene), if you will.

Everything here is executed so well, the vocals are emotional tales of grim everyday life shrouded in the use of substances just to escape a harsh reality. The guitars and drum machine are very DYI sounding, but it does not take away from the potential atmosphere, if anything it just adds onto the more "personal" feeling the album has. Lead songwriter Obehag (who unfortunately passed from a methadone overdose in 2011) had a magical touch here, leading the album to yes, indeed feel heavily Lifelover and Shining inspired, but also feel very unique in its own way as well.

All the tracks lead into each other very well, which is another thing I heavily appreciate; when a album actually feels like a collective piece to be listened to from start to end rather than just a collection of songs. It's not up until the record reaches its super spooky interlude "En gammal vän" that the grim vibes reach their peak, in this dark, dark song which lyrically deals with the nightmarish struggles of suffering from extreme anxiety.

"Allt jag aldrig haft" is a amazing closer to this depressing, suicidal masterpiece. The song concerns (what else?) that the vocalist has indeed suffered enough and cannot take another day so he is certain to commit suicide.

The album honestly feels like a adventure, the lyrics are fun to read and the musicianship has such a unique feeling. I have not much to hate here at all.