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Apathy Noir - Cold Endless Winter

Hmm...Intriguing - 84%

Akerfeldt_Fanboi, September 26th, 2008

I recently found this piece of work, and to my surprise I was completely facebroken (?) by this release. It's an astounding 14 minutes that I will never regret giving up.

Starting with the song "Cold Endless Winter" the band show that they are capable of writing intruiging song structures without having to resort to excessive progginess. The music constantly switches between driving, pounding metal riffs and melodic intersperses and then to clean breaks that last too short. The song ends with me wanting to play it over, and over, and over...

Anyways, onto the second song: "The Ghost of Me." This track is easily the best of the three. Everything about it, from the spectacular lyrics to the amazing pulsing riffs is breathtaking. The song drives on the longest of the three as well, so I'm a tad happier. The drums and bass push along and the guitars sit doing their duty. MELODY. The song ends as the title track did...with me wanting more and more.

Then, the final track, "Black Days." A solid song with a great outro. This song isn't quite as amazing as the other two, but as I said, the outro is quite amazing and the vocals are excellent as well. Drumming, bass, all the little neccesities are going smoothly...Great songs.

Since this is a short release, a track by track seemed necessary. This band deserves it as well. A formidable release from formidable musicians, and it shows in the songwriting. For a progressive band, never do they transcend into the chasm of technical wank and intense transitioning and 477 riff per song syndrome, but they pull off an almost 70's prog rock vibe...

Something very few bands can pull off in this day and age.

So, I give you, this wonderful release. Sorrowful and mourning, deep and moving. But, as some would attest against progressive metal, it is still plenty metal. Mostly in the doom and black categories, but there are fairly frequent "HEAVY" moments.

Recommended to fans of varying metal.