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Apathy Noir - A Silent Nowhere

A sum greater than its parts... - 88%

JasonSkald, September 29th, 2008

Take 2 parts melodic death, 1 part emotive clean guitar, 1 part keyboards and mix them together... what do you get?

Another run-of-the-mill melodeath band? Fortunately, no...

Apathy's "A Silent Nowhere" impressed me immediately with its polished sound, but its formula seemed all too familiar, bringing to mind bands such as Insomnium or Omnium Gatherum and the like. However, upon further listening I was genuinely impressed with the professionalism and musicianship of this band. Apathy seemlessly flows from distorted guitars and harsh vocals to beautiful clean passages that demonstrate great emotion. (For a great example, listen from 2:00 to 2:40 in "To End the Misery") The instrumental musicianship is further complemented by the lyrics; while not breathtaking in their poetry, they perfectly match the music's combination of aggression and beauty, despair and wonder. With their somber combination of beauty and abandonment, I actually thought of comparisons to Agalloch:

"On the first day of November
Snow fell like ashes from the sky
From a fire long since extinct
Like the fire inside of me "
-lyrics from "To End the Misery"

I recommend that the listener spin this album at least twice before passing judgment - on the first listen, feel free to give your attention to the catchy riffs and musicianship, but on the second, listen to the lyrics, the emotion evident in the quiet passages, the combination of beauty and anger. There's something deeper in this album than first meets the eye.

Favourite Tracks: The Mist and the Ocean, Bitter Roots, The Man Who Swallowed the Sun