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From a simple violence arose a round of variations - 85%

Storfeth, March 13th, 2013

It is obvious that III is the third full-length release of Aosoth. Two years after the immense “Ashes of Angels”, the French trio manages to evolve its sound even more by pushing their limits to new elusive levels.

III is not a typical black metal album that will be memorable already from the first listen. It is hard and abstruse to listen to; it is a grower. From the first second, in front of the listener opens a portal to the abyss and he inevitably crosses into it. As the descending towards the inner exploration begins, he feels hypnotized by the slow tempo of the tracks and the ominous, repetitive guitars that sound heavier compared to the past releases. The bass makes the atmosphere even thicker, while all this skepticism and dullness are interrupted by liberating outbreaks under the relentless beating of the drums. MkM sounds once more distant, with a voice that suffers, but at the same time is firm and ruthless. All these elements are solidified by a production that contributes to the already dark and foggy atmosphere of the album.

The true meaning of this album can be perceived along with the reading of the lyrics. I think this is the first time that Aosoth publish their lyrics, and they really signify their mentality. They talk about the monster that is hidden inside all of us and gradually takes control until it fully possesses us. At the end of each listen, this abyss invites us to visit her again and again. Gradually we become addicted; we need her. Slowly, as the repetitions increase, we start seeing behind the veil of the mist. A human form can be noticed and seems oddly familiar as we come closer. It is our own darker self staring at us. We struggle to keep away from him, but he is always there, at the most distant corners of our mind.

III was made to lead to misanthropy and self-destruction. Each drum beat, each riff, each curse that MkM spits out is a stab to the heart of humanity. Usually the darkest secrets dwell within ourselves, lurking for the tiniest moment of weakness to reach the surface. Aosoth seem to have accepted that, and it would be better for you to do the same.

Originally written for: The Lair of Storfeth